Class Abbreviations Used in This Brochure
SHS – Senior High School. 3200 School Road, Murrysville
MS – Middle School. 4660 Old Wm. Penn Hwy., Murrysville
If you need directions to the Franklin Regional School campus, click on the map below.

Other Class Locations

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Dean’s Health and Fitness Center, 4549 Wm. Penn Hwy., Murrysville
First Presbyterian Church, 3202 N. Hills Rd., Murrysville. (Laird Hall)
McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores, 4311 Northern Pike, Monroeville
Murrysville Community Center, 3091 Carson St., Murrysville
Murrysville Community Library, 4130 Sardis Road, Murrysville
Murrysville Medic One, 3237 Sardis Rd., Murrysville
Redstone Highlands, 4953 Cline Hollow Rd., Murrysville.