Registration Form
The REGISTRATION PERIOD Runs From  August 14 – September 5
The 2017 FALL SESSION Begins the Week of September 18, 2017 unless otherwise noted

The registration deadline for all classes is September 5th, 2017. APPLICATIONS POSTMARKED after September 5th  must include a $6.00 late fee. 

Senior Citizens, age 65 and retired, of Franklin Regional School District may receive a $3.00 discount per class by obtaining a Gold Card from the Administration Office.  Call the Administration Office at 724-327-5456, ext. 7613.  Please indicate the Gold Card No. on the registration form. These cards are limited to Senior Citizens of Franklin Regional School District.

Students in grades 10 (or 15 years old)-11-12 may register for certain Adult School classes with the permission and signature of their parent or guardian.

Non – Residents must pay $4.00 extra per course.

Attend the first class as scheduled. Confirmation is not mailed.
Tuition for cancelled classes will be refunded. Checks for a cancelled class will be destroyed. They will not be returned.  TUITION WILL NOT BE REFUNDED FOR ANY OTHER REASON.  Participants assume the risk of changes in personal affairs or health.

DO NOT DIRECT CALLS TO THE FRANKLIN REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT.  After classes have started and you have questions regarding class cancellation or school closings and are unable to reach a Course Representative, please contact  Willie Sotos, 412-337-0036 or Sue Brooks, 724-325-4490.